Teplice apartment building

Project Description

Status: under reconstruction
Category: BICZ Residential
Amount: CZK 100 and more mil.

The tallest apartment building in Teplice with 198 units is located at the foot of the Doubravka hill. The building earned the nickname “God’s Finger” for his atypical height. The building was built in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century as part of the large housing estate Šanov II (city Teplice). The original plan for the construction of the hotel complex was replaced by temporary housing for workers and young families. The proceeds of the property are provided by the rental of housing units as well as the rental of antennas and transmitters on the roof. We are currently planning extensive repairs and reconstructions of most apartments and a complete revitalization of the building, including common areas and the building’s surroundings. The building is under the constant care of a professional administrator.