Esteemed ladies, gentlemen, friends and fans of the sport of horse racing!

A year has come and gone and once again we are standing on the threshold of a new season in Pardubice. This is the third year BICZ Group has been the main partner of the racing season. We could say that it is already a tradition. A beautiful tradition!

And so this year you can look forward to regular competitions for the BICZ Group Cup and as always an exciting battle for the title in the BICZ Jockey Cup 2022. Supporting horse racing has a deep meaning for us and we greatly appreciate the cooperation with Dostihový spolek Pardubice (Pardubice Racing Association), Slavia pojišťovna (Slavia Insurance) – the titular partner of the Velká Pardubická cross-country steeplechase run, the city of Pardubice and other partners from the commercial sector, thanks to whom this world-famous sporting and social tradition lives on.

What this year’s season will be like, none of us can say. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you an exciting time, full of great sporting experiences, interesting meetings and a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the special racing season 2022!

Milan Filo & Robin Šimek
shareholders of BICZ Group