We enable our financial partners to share in the profits from the sale and lease of income-generating properties through asset management agreements. Financial partners who provide funds in a pre-agreed amount receive a fixed interest rate, regular interest payments, and partnerships without additional fees. The usual term of asset management is three years with the possibility of early termination. The invested funds are distributed – in line with the investment strategy – among all the current BICZ projects, thus ensuring diversification.

Our goal is usually to reconstruct a property, install responsible tenants and keep it in our possession or resell it at a margin. From this margin, we pay remuneration to our financial partners. In the case of long-term cooperation, we pay remuneration from the rental income. If the margin does not cover costs or if the business makes a loss, our clients still receive remuneration as envisaged in the Agreement; we then draw on other projects and Company profits. We assume the risk of the specific business case ourselves.

The essence of the cooperation is a balanced partnership based on the long-term and systematic activity of BICZ Group in the field of income-generating properties. The activity consists of a continuous search for buildings with potential. In all its current property projects, BICZ Group assesses the degree of fulfilment of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria and declares its interest in implementing only those projects where undeniable positive impacts in the monitored areas can be defined.

Contractual support
and loyalty plans

Fixed income
from properties

Transparent cooperation
and zero fees

The average period
of investment – 3 years

100% client

Steady profit

Guarantee of the funds provided, including bonus

Zero-fee partnerships

Loyalty plans – an extra bonus for repeated cooperation projects

Produce a complex project dossier – e.g., technical/energy documents, rental/lease agreements, etc.

Success fee – extraordinary compensation on a successful deal if we sell the property above a predetermined price

Identify and buy a property with potential

Set up a project, based on location and market possibilities

Revitalise & upgrade the property and raise the standard of housing

Increase the real return and value of the property

Produce a complex project dossier – e.g., technical/energy documents, rental/lease agreements, etc.

Prepare the property for handover or sale

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