We are Banque Immobiliere Czech Republic (BICZ). The literal translation is “real estate bank”.

We do business in the area of investment-grade real estate – we buy and sell real estate and own a real estate portfolio. We specialize in apartment buildings – projects suitable for both small and large financial partners. We can select and modernise real estate projects so as to maximize profit. We view each property as a separate project. We take the same professional approach to each project. We respect the uniqueness of the building and the needs of the surrounding area.

Institutional investors are interested in our projects. Most of the properties are sold or booked before completion. It is a pleasure for us and for our financial partners to prove the security of the invested funds. Therefore, we are currently investing our energy into larger investment units. We are going to build complex of flats for the Army of the Czech Republic, we are finishing an apartment building for doctors of the regional hospital and we are preparing a project for a new depot for Czech Post.

Our strength lies in our high professionalism and sense of detail. In all the companies of the holding, we have the same goal – to be responsible to individuals and society, to modernize with sensitivity, and to provide a stable profit to our financial partners. The revitalization of real estate is a way for us to give back to society what it has given us. Profit is a necessary means to achieve other goals.


  • Help financial partners profit from our projects.
  • Help old real estate regain its lost dignity and value.
  • Help tenants live a high-quality life in a nice environment.
  • Help municipalities and cities improve the environment for their citizens.



Milan Filo

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Key person of the holding, analyst and practitioner, and completer. General supervision of all companies.

Robin Šimek

Finance & Charity Division

Main supervision of transactions and customer care. A visionary and innovator and a big-time promoter of charities.

Daniela Filo

Design Division

Kind head of planners and designers. A perfectionist, carer, and diplomat. The heart of the holding.

Václav Dostál


Experienced economist and financier. Provides professional advice and deals with banking institutions.

Josef Šima

Real Estate Acquisition

He and his team search for real estate with potential. He reveals the real stories of buildings, and he deals with sellers.

Milan Hart


Sales Team Manager, he negotiates with clients and fine-tunes the conditions for cooperation to the satisfaction of all parties.

Lenka Škopcová


She is based on a highly professional approach. Her word is always valid and she will fulfill what she promises in a pre-arranged time.

Lukáš Jebavý


A specialist in business, negotiates with financial partners and participates in the sponsorship of sports events.

Lucie Vernarová


Head of the business team in the regions. She understands the market and is an expert in finance. Program Leader for the Healthcare Sector.

Petr Marel


Specialist for demanding clients. He focuses on the commercial sector, following global trends and market opportunities.

Denisa Bezděková

Client Center

Analytical support, processes financial analyzes, prepares proposals for solutions and manages everything even during active maternity leave.

Petra Kuřátková

Client Center

Takes care of our clients, answers their questions kindly and with a smile and participates in the preparation of social events.

Anežka Mlynářová

Client Center

Ensures the smooth operation of facilities for clients, processes contract documentation and she likes things right.

Martina Diblíková

Human Resources

She selects the right people for our teams. She takes care of employees and gives a clear structure to HR.

Olga a David Matýskovi

Asset Management

They handle contracts, the needs of tenants, and building maintenance.  Through their managers, they are always in touch with the residents of the buildings.

Václav Franěk

Project management

When managing projects, he suffer from speed and efficiency. Responsible for budget and quality of work. Expert in complex projects.

Tomáš Pospíchal

Project management

Reliable project implementer. He monitors budgets, deadlines and the quality of work on the construction and reconstruction of buildings.

David Rovný

Project management

Organizes project managers, manages projects in industrial areas. He is responsible for deadlines, correct and high-quality work.

Kateřina Pajerová


With aesthetics and feeling, she designs the appearance of real estate, chooses interior equipment and is responsible for home staging.

Veronika Krčková

Grafický design

A creative link between architects and designers. She designs the exterior of buildings and green areas, processes the graphic design of the projection.

Jitka Štěpánková


She adds an ecological dimension to projects and works on the efficient use of green areas. Proponents of original and sustainable materials.

Milan Kryštůfek


The entire production team organizes with his own precision. He sees things in context and can find solutions even for complex orders.

Jiří Kvasnička


He is responsible for the quality of the material and the precise processing of our own products based on the carpentry workshop.


It implements the construction and reconstruction of real estate. It brings together craft professionals. It works with environmentally friendly materials and eliminates the environmental impact of construction.
It ensures the smooth operation of the entire holding, from administration to legislation. It processes key business activities of real estate (acquisition, purchase, and sale). It takes care of the holding’s employees.
It deals with the modernization and reconstruction of properties, from the design stage to the final implementation. In terms of architecture, it cooperates in the construction of new buildings. It designs the interior layouts of apartment buildings, including common areas, gardens, and playgrounds. It cooperates with the real estate sales department in Home Staging.
It deals with investors on behalf of the entire holding. It takes care of financial partners for the duration of the contractual relationship.
Vision of the BICZ holding.
It groups the real estate portfolio of BICZ a.s. into the Industrial, Residential, Luxury, and Long-Term categories.


We pride ourselves on our good name and fair relationships.

Accordingly, we hereby commit to:

  • provide financial partners with complete and true information,
  • take on the risks of economic curves and drops in the real estate market,
  • reconstruct real estate with sensitivity and with a positive impact on the surrounding area,
  • increase the housing standards of our tenants,
  • keep our word from the moment we shake hands,
  • manage property with the care of a diligent economic operator,
  • be as open as possible to communication and the needs of all parties involved,
  • treat employees as equal partners.


Like a house, every prosperous organization must have a solid foundation.

BICZ bases itself on the following values:

  • Positive thinking
  • Professionalism
  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Decency, Honesty & Truth


From the very beginning, we have been building the value of the company so that we can use the money for a good cause. We plan to use part of BICZ’s profits for the benefit of Czech society as a whole.  We want to help wherever it is needed in a well-thought-out and controlled manner.


  • Because we are doing well, and we feel it is our duty to take care of those who are not as lucky.
  • Because we want to awaken society from lethargy and consumerism.
  • Because our children will live the experience we are living.
  • Because setting a personal example is a foundation we can pass down. What will you pass down?