The Group currently consists of more than 50 subsidiaries operating throughout the Czech Republic. We specialise in residential housing projects, especially renovation and then rental of older buildings. We carry out property development construction projects only in exceptionally interesting cases. We work hard, steadily and with enthusiasm! Our positive approach attracts the attention of interesting personalities, investors and business leaders; truly exceptional projects then come through them.

Our mission to preserve the value of our clients’ funds, together with our vision of building sustainable development, to construct in the spirit of ESG and donate part of the profits to charitable causes, creates a unique concept for our business. At BICZ we believe that business can be done ethically, fairly and with respect for the environment and urban life.

Join us and be a part of our success and we will be happy to share our profits and the satisfaction of a job well done!


50% shareholder, Chairman of the Board, Director of Real Estates Division


50% shareholder, Member of the Board, Director of Finance & Charity Division

Negotiates with financial partners and looks after them throughout the duration of the contractual relationship.

Brings together the portfolio of BICZ a.s. properties in the Industrial, Residential, Luxury and Long Term categories.

Executes property construction and the renovation stages of projects. Eliminates the environmental impact of construction projects.

Manages property modernisation and renovation projects from the stage of design to the stage of completion.

Ensures the smooth running of the entire group, from paperwork to legal matters.



Milan Filo

Chairman, Board of Directors

Key person of the Group, Milan is an analyst, practical person & completer. He provides general supervision of all companies.

Robin Šimek

Finance & Charity

Robin provides primary oversight of sales and client care. Visionary & innovator, he is a promoter of charity with style.

Václav Dostál


Experienced economist, financier, and expert advisor. In addition, Václav is a banking sector liaison.

Tomáš Feygl

Real Estates

Director of development and construction under which the holding is signed.

Milan Hart


Head of Strategies and Sales, Milan arranges terms of cooperation that are satisfactory to all.

Petr Hnik

Internal Distribution

Executive, action-oriented and versatile business manager for the Prague region with a great contribution to the development of the entire Group.

Pavel Drozd


Reliable, extremely hardworking and loyal sales manager for the most demanding clients.

David Konopásek

External Distribution

Director of the External Distribution Division, David is responsible for building long-term relationships with our business partners through whom we market our products.

Lukáš Jebavý


Sales specialist, Lukáš negotiates with financial partners and participates in sponsoring sporting events.

Lucie Juřičková


A sales manager for the Zlín region, who is to help the Group’s expansion into Moravia. Lucie’s diligence and experience are greatly appreciated.

Andrea Binarová

Design & Events

Action-oriented, full of ideas and a creative person in every way, Andrea sets the face of our projects.

Ivo Polan

Acquisition Department

Ivo’s task is to search for and recommend new projects for purchase with the utmost care. The goal is not to find the “best” projects for BICZ but the right projects.

Martin Kvoch

Project Management

A project manager for our exclusive buildings in Prague, Martin is up to new challenges with his many years of experience.

Stanislav Uhlík

Project Management

Great knowledge, experience and insight, Stanislav is a fully committed designer and head of the department.

David Rovný

Project Management

David is a long-term project manager who manages our projects on industrial sites. He guarantees deadlines and quality work.


Michal Kotrady

Project management

Michal is an experienced project manager with an open mind and a clear goal.

Zdeněk Langr


An ambitious branch manager in Jičín, Zdeněk looks after local clients and develops our activities in the region.

Veronika Petříková


Sales specialist for major partners. A helpful and straightforward banker.

Boris Kudláček

PR & Communications

A great personality, a fountain of knowledge and contacts, a strategist, a politician, a philosopher and a man with deep insight who sees the big picture. Head of PR & Communications.

Václav Kratochvíl

Public Sector

Overseeing the field of the public sector, Václav’s task is to look after accounts such as municipalities, towns and churches with quality and the long-term horizon in mind.

Jaroslav Polák


Head of the Jihlava branch. A great leader, sportsman and a person with a big heart.

Olga and David Matýskovi

Asset Management

Olga & David manage contracts, the needs of tenants, and care of completed buildings. Through their property managers, they are always in touch with the residents.

Tomáš Pospíchal

Project Management

Reliable project implementer. Tomáš looks after budgets, deadlines, and the quality of work in property construction and renovation.

Jan Pavel

Project Management

Meticulous project manager with great drive and a creative mind.

Jitka Štěpánková


Jitka adds a green dimension to projects, working on the efficient use of green spaces. She advocates for native and sustainable materials.

Petra Kuřátková

Client Centre

Petra takes care of our clients, answering questions kindly with a smile and participating in planning social events.

Milan Kryštůfek


Milan organises the entire production team with his usual precision. He sees things in context and is able to find solutions even for complex job contracts.

Gabriela Lachmanová

Office & HR Manager

An experienced HR manager with insight and zest.

Tereza Šádková

General Office

A team player who keeps track of what is happening in the Group and what needs to be moved forwards. Dedicated and always smiling.

Lucie Torolová

General Office

An important link across the Group’s divisions. Lucie keeps track of deadlines, communicates and arranges what is needed, all with finesse.

Lenka Škopcová


Lenka prides herself on a highly professional approach. Her word is her bond; what she promises, she delivers on the pre-arranged date.


We pride ourselves on our reputation and fair relationships. As a result, we are committed to:

  • Taking on the risks of economic curves and downturns in the real estate market

  • Renovating properties with sensitivity and with a positive impact on the surrounding area

  • Raising the standard of housing for our tenants

  • Keeping our word from the moment of shaking hands

  • Managing properties with due care

  • Being as open as possible to communication and the needs of all stakeholders

  • Treating employees as equal partners


Like a house, every thriving organisation must have a solid foundation.  BICZ is based on the following values:

  • Positive thinking

  • Professionalism

  • Openness

  • Consistency

  • Decency, Honesty & Truth